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Contribute to building a strong, self-confident young generation of Sri Lankans who can rise above ethnic, religious and other social divides to unite and integrate under a One Sri Lankan identity to flourish and advance as individuals of a New Sri Lanka.


To foster and facilitate unity, integration, healing and reconciliation between teenagers and young adults of the North and their peers across Sri Lanka through leadership training, personal capacity enhancement, confidence building and building of new bridges of friendship.

Who We Are

• A Non-Profit Trust, governed by a Board of Trustees, run by a fully volunteer based Executive Committee and an Operations Committee that is strengthened by a Regional Network of Youth Leaders spread across Sri Lanka.

• Commenced operations at Menik Farm in May 2009, reaching out to children, teenagers and young leaders.

• Unity Mission Trust now specializes in facilitating Leadership development and the bringing together of youth of the North with those from across Sri Lanka, in a unique manner, that has built enduring friendships and new understanding and appreciation of each other’s rich culture .... a building of unity in diversity... our strength and our success !

Statement of Values, Beliefs and Intent

- UMT was born out of a vision for a special service to the people of SL and for the Nation's future, in particular to the young people of the Wanni who had experienced much trauma.
- We are in effect, trying to prevent another war  by building relationships and friendships, to ensure that a future generation will not go through this same trauma.
- we are trying to reach out to teenagers and young adults of the Wanni , the North and elsewhere and we are working to linking them together, in a unique fashion.
- we are committed to fostering unity, reconciliation, healing and integration as something that we at UMT want to contribute towards Sri Lanka's future and to the future success of our young people.
- our main strategy and core activity to achieve the above is through leadership development, capacity building and self confidence growth amongst our target group of teenagers and young adults.
- we have innovatively specialised in conducting well balanced and creative oriented residential Unity Camps, refresher One Day Regional programmes and other activities to be the platforms from which this is achieved.
- We specifically address the young minds and share with them specific messages ---   of unity; of equality ; of oneness ; of love for a Motherland.
- We also provide leadership and capacity enhancing skills and tools through our programmes that include focussed seminars; sports; art and craft ; drama, oratory, singing and team work under conditions of stress.   The latter strategy has proven to be successful, when participants are divided into groups and put into intense competitions.
- our work is backed up now by scholarships and english language classes -- aimed at providing support to Wanni teenagers in particular who have suffered and also thereby winning them over to identify with UMT as a group from the south that genuinely cares for their future.

- It is imperative that EVERY participant who comes in on a UMT programme is FULLY INGRAINED with our philosophy,vision and beliefs.
- We have a dream . a vision .  of very strong bonds of friendships, of support networks established by our work, that criss-crosses Sri Lanka.

- we want to build up a Power 30 by 3 Group, so that these young people, a few years down the road, will have VERY STRONG networks of friendships across Sri Lanka, that can be depended on for business support, for genuine friendships and eventually if need be, even a resource pool for marriage.   This group will also be a group that provides the leadership resources to POWER on UMT , into the future.   This will be the group that provides the feeder of young able and focussed and talented leaders,  into the more senior working teams of UMT.

- Every single young leader on UMT has to literally BY HEART and mind, identify with our vision and the very PURPOSE of why UMT exists and the sense of energy and the urgency that is needed for VERY COMMITTED young people who can then OWN the vision of UMT  and work to MAKE IT ALL REALISE AND HAPPEN, such that we work TODAY, to create a better tomorrow for these same young leaders and others like them.

- It must clearly be understood that UMT is not just another group that likes to do social service;   this is not a mere youth group;  it is NOT A GROUP for people to get together to have a load of fun.     It is such that with proper TEAM spirit and when work is done well and together, there WILL be fun !.... that is good and that is expected.   But the group doesnt EXIST to merely bring people together to have fun and games !

-  we have earned trust and respect of the community, the authorities and the Armed Forces and Police, because of the way we plan and run our programmes.   A lot of pre-planning, conceptualising and thinking goes into structuring what is to take place at each event.

It is possible, that some young people may not even appreciate or understand the content of the programmes that we run;    but whether they realise it or not, it is for their own good .......and out of the 500 or the 250 we work with at each event, if even a few lives are very positively  impacted, such that these lives have a brighter and greater future where they can contribute to our Nations success, then WE HAVE SUCCEEDED !

- We have overcome challenges, difficulties, obstacles at every turn and we have also received tremendous support at every turn .......it is all then worth it, because this is done for our beloved Motherland !  .. we work inter-faith and we want our participants to live in religious harmony where the richness of our diversity must be respected and appreciated and must also be used to contribute to the Unity of UMT and to our incremental success levels !

We want our young people to understand the bigger picture of what and who UMT really is and the direction that we are travelling and each young person MUST ADD TO THE SUCCESS of the  JOURNEY of love and care we have undertaken.   We  also want mutual respect and care to be the natural norm between all of our young people, such that UMT will grow and march forward and grow more effective with the passage of time and with the evolving needs that we identify based on our Nation's own journey.

We want our young people to make the DIFFERENCE THAT SRI LANKA needs !

Specific Objectives
 The Unity Mission Team will operate on an Inter-faith platform , working in recognition of the multi-plural multi ethnic and multi religious social fabric of our beautiful Motherland.
 The Unity Mission Team will focus on working with youth, specifically those in the age group of 15 to 20 years, covering the pre O/L to A/L class groups.
 The Unity Team will specifically focus on delivering leadership, personality development and capacity building training and development of the children of the North and the Wanni, particularly amongst those who have suffered much trauma during the years of the conflict in Sri Lanka.
 The Unity Mission Team will also focus on supporting educational needs of these young children by focusing developing reference libraries, providing school books and other requirements to support class room studies, sports equipment and also support small scale badly need inftastructure projects that will facilitate school work.
 The Unity Mission Team will also keep within its mandate the conduct of medical camps if and when needed in support of children that are in need, which will also cater to the mothers of the community.

Methodology of Operation
 The Unity Mission Team will undertake its activities in partnership with required State Authorities. In the case of all student related projects, this will include formal authorisation of Provincial Educational Authorities, Provincial Government where necessary and in the case of medical related camps, the Provincial Medical authorities.
 The Unity Mission Team has also sought and received the support of the Sri Lanka Army and the Sri Lanka Navy where necessary, to obtain infrastructure support and other ground level assistance where such support was necessary, including the approvals and support in the conduct of projects in the war affected areas, again, where such was necessary given ground realities.

The Ekamuthu Oray Makkal Unity Camp Concept
The Unity Mission Team has pioneered and built up the concept of the conduct of multi-day residential overnight leadership development and capacity building personality development oriented programme that aims to promote unity, reconciliation and the building of self-confidence.

This programme includes leadership and personal capacity building seminars, sports programmes, a concert with dance, drama and music, an art and craft programme and team building / mind development and strengthening activities.
Legal Status and Governance

The Unity Mission Team is NOT a NGO; nor is it a religious group ; It is body of persons, hitherto, who have worked together in a voluntary capacity as a group of concerned and caring citizens who love Sri Lanka who are working to promote unity and reconciliation.


The Legal structure is a Incorporated Non Profit Trust, governed by a Board of Trustees and a Management Team. The Unity Mission Team, will in due course, recruit full time staff if need be and set aside dedicated premises, with bank accounts and independent auditors.

Auditors to the Trust : S J M S Associates

Bankers to the Trust : Peoples Bank