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This was written by Daniel Wickremesinghe who was a UMT Team Member (11/01/2015)
"Hello Everyone, Its been a long time and I was just thinking about how the country is changing and recently after the presidential elections there has been a promotion of racism against the Tamils and Muslims.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate and value this program, which unites our country and its people by exposing all the cultures in Sri Lanka to its youth, and showing them that we are ALL Sri Lankans, no matter where we come from. 

The brotherhood & Sisterhood created in these camps are truly remarkable and I believe this camp is a key factor in the development of Sri Lanka's youth, as it teaches us that being different is not a bad thing and that we are all people living in the same country. 

This camp blurs the lines of differences and shows us our similarity instead. Reminding us that we are all boys and girls of the same country, we like the same things and have the same interests we just do things a little differently. Hopefully our youth with carry that with them and educate others to be open minded as well.

I am really happy that I was a part of your organization and hope that your camps continue to spread the unity that our nation needs as it is a crucial time where your camps and organization is needed"
This was written by Mr. Priya Peiris who joined us as part of the Music Team on Unity Camp 6 in October 2013
The following were personal comments made by campers on how they benifited most from attending UNITY CAMP 4
"Happy to have found friends around Srilanka."
C.Kamilton - V/Kalmadu M.V.
"This is the true happiness in life for me"
B.Thipenthiran - V/Nellukkulam Kalaimahal M.V.
"I was able to overcome the fear I had on the first day of camp and speak to other students from different parts of Sri Lanka and make new friends"
Rashini Anuradhika Fernando - Holy Family Convent, Kalutara
"Learnt Sinhala phrases... I learnt if I try I can achieve anything in life'
K.Madhura - Mu/Paandiyankulam M.V.
"I was able to realize that the fact that even though a language barrier does exist at times, it was more fun to communicate using hand gestures and small words until the other completely understood what we were trying to say!!!"
Devindri Goonewardena - Ladies College, Colombo
"Working as a group, Learnt sinhala?"
C.Anushala - V/Kalmadu M.V.
"Learnt a lot of things from group members"
Ayanthan - V/Kanagarayan Kulam M.V.
"While making new friends I learnt to appreciate the resources I had"
David Jeyaselvam - Royal Institute, Colombo
"I realized that no matter we come from, or no matter what religion we believe in we still belong to one country and hence should be able to find a way to work together no matter what barriers come our way" K. D. Ayanthi Kariyawasam - Holy Family Convent, Kalutara
"Learnt to live peacefully"
Yuginthan - V/Pudhukkulam M.V.
"Learnt how to overcome challenges"
Stella Mary - Mu/Oddusuddan M.V.
"A lovely opportunity to show my talent and a lovely group to encourage"
V.Thanushan - V/Nelukkulam M.V.
"I learnt to overcome my fear of speaking in front of large crowds and to express what I felt about various issues fearlessly"
K. M. Iresha Kamel - Holy Family Convent, Marawila
"Learnt about Developing leadership quality and overcoming challenges"
T.Thanuja - V/Kanagarayan Kulam M.V.
"The days spent on camp made me realize that working together as children from one country is not as hard as people make it sound. All it took was a few hand gestures and smiles!!!!"
Nishara Gunawardena - Holy Family Convent, Colombo 4
"I started believing I can do it"
T.Maheswary - Uduvil Girls College
"Learnt a lot of new games... Learnt different languages"
Y.Nitharshan - Mu/Periyapuliyankulam G.T.M.S.
"Spending a lot of time with students from different cultural backgrounds helped me to identify and appreciate various different life styles they followed even while on camp..."
Elon Newton - Wesley College, Colombo
"Learnt a lot of important things through sports"
E.Vinojan - V/Nedunkeni M.V.
"I realized that knowing Tamil is equally important as knowing English and Sinhala"
Carine Anandage - Bishops College, Colombo
"Happy to have friends around the country who will help me in many ways"
P.Yugan - V/Tamil M.M.V.
"I learnt to think as one group even though sometimes we didn't even speak the same language!!!"
W. A. D. Cavindi Canishka Appuhamy - Ave Maria Convent, Negombo
"I understood that knowing other languages is very important'
Komahal N. - V/Pudhukkulam M.V.